Lagoon 125 Birthday
Birthday-Lagoon 125 Birthday

Cake Sizes: 14"-12"-9"-6"


I was asked by Lagoon to participate in a cake decorating competition to help celebrate their 125 years of Fun.  It was a lot of fun!  We were to interpret "What Fun Is" and put that into our cake.  I decided to focus on a as much of the 125 years as I could.  Not easy with how much Lagoon has, but I put a spinning car on the top to remember when Lagoon used to give away a free car every year.  The more you went to Lagoon the better chance you had of winning.  In 1959, my Grandparents actually won!  (funny story).  The top tier has just a few of the singers that were asked to perform there.  Johnny Cash, the Beach Boys.......

The rides towards the bottom were just a few of my favorites.  Besides the spinning car, the decoration I'm most proud of was the snake from Rattle Snake Rapids. 

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